Hey this is my very first article on WeHeartIt and I am happy that I am doing this. I am just going to be writing down some things that make me feel relaxed and calm when everything else around me isn't.

  • Look at pictures of the ocean or actually go to the beach: I know this is a weird one but there is just something so calming when looking out to the ocean. I really do believe that it is just the sound.

*Listen to some of your favorite music: personally, I like listening to indie music whenever i'm down. Some of my favorite bands are Catfish and the Bottlemen, Twin Peaks, Spendtime Palace, etc. and their music usually gets me in a better mood.

*I don't actually do this but i heard it's really effective, when you're sad think of puppies and kittens or look at pictures of them. Another technique I heard of is to just smile for at least 60 seconds and you immediately feel better.

*Watch your favorite YouTubers, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

*Hangout with your friends and family

*Draw, Scribble, or Color whatever you want

*Have your own mini fashion show or dance party :)

*Watch your favorite movies or t.v. shows

*Write down some goals that you want to accomplish in your life or this year

I know these aren't that many things but I do hope that they gave you an idea of what you should do when you're down in the dumps. Now that I look back on this article it makes it seem like I kind of gave up when it came to explaining but I didn't, it's just towards the end it ended up being things that you already know why they should make you happy.