Hi Hearters,
Firstable thanks for clicking on my article :-*
Well... today I wanna talk with you about my fav songs of the period.

My favourite album lately is the Cry baby album by Melanie Martinez expecially I absolutely love the songs Dollhouse and Carousel.

Image removed melanie martinez, pity party, and cry baby image melanie martinez, crybaby, and cry baby image melanie martinez, dollhouse, and cry baby image

Recently I'm loving some covers by Zhavia, who is a new emerging singer from the Four competition, beacause she has got a beautiful voice. I can't wait to listen to listen to the album she is working on.

zhavia image music artist, zhavia, and music image the four, man down, and zhavia image the four and zhavia image

Other two songs which I'm obsessed to are Spotlight and FRIENDS by Marshmallow.

Image removed

See you around bye!!