Once again, writing about the "divorce" topic, bc my parents, even tho they're about 9 years after divorce, show me how some mistakes can affect our lives forever.

I was watching a movie and i heard voices in the bedroom. It's always like this- dad comes home from work, the first thing he does is talking to mum. Of course, mum doesn't want to talk to him at all. I actually turned the volume down so i can actually hear what they're saying. Once again in my life, boom, just in the right time.
I don't know why it breaks my heart a little more everytime i hear it. I know it very well, everyone knows it, and yet it still hurts.
My dad said those words and i already started to write this- in my mind, kinda feeling sad that the pain is the only thing that really inspires me to write.
".. I know i made mistakes, but i'm trying. I've been trying, but i see it means nothing to you. I'm willing to change myself, but you're not."
I guess mum's heart got really sour. I'm torn.
To me, it feels like mom has no heart. I'm torn between her freeing herself from him and her giving him a second chance. First because i think she deserves it after everything, second because i think he deserves it after all the honest trying.
I think there is no cure for broken heart. People say it's new love, but it's not. New love can make you feel loved again, helps you forget a little, but the heart inside remains broken.
I want to believe the glue to get the parts together again is forgiveness and actually making it right between the two of them. But what if that never happens? They separate and go on living with this sour. They may find new love, get a new home, find new friends, they may laugh hard, smile at everyone, but someday when they're alone with their thoughts, the hate and rancor comes out and they won't even realize how much the unforgiveness affects their life. Their true happiness.
I know what i'm saying. My grandad left my grandma with children and got another wife. Now he lives few blocks away from her and i know she's still broken. I can see it in her eyes. I hear it in every word when talking about men as all the same. And i want to protect my parents from that. Both of them.

Dad don't spend the rest of your life hating yourself for your mistake. Don't blame yourself for getting no second chance.
Mum don't ruin your life hating dad for his mistakes. Don't ruin your inner peace for such horrible thing as hate.
My little bro who is always there when they argue, i'm sorry. I'm sorry i'm not strong enough to speak all these words out loud to protect you from the depression divorce brings to children.

If you read this, i want you to tell the person you've had an argument with you're sorry about what happened. Forget about pride, this is about so much more.