Hello fellows ღ
There are so many places I want to visit that it was quite impossible to only state five, but here it goes.

Day 5

List five places you want to visit

  • Thailand
boats, summer, and thailand image thailand, paradise, and Temple image light, lantern, and night image beach, thailand, and travel image
  • Greece
Greece, santorini, and travel image Athens, Greece, and monument image Greece, lights, and Island image Athens, Greece, and monument image
  • Cuba
cars, colour, and cuba image cars, colours, and cuba image beach, blue, and cuba image cars, cuba, and travel image
  • Las Vegas
casino, club, and Las Vegas image fountain, Las Vegas, and night image Las Vegas image casino, lights, and Las Vegas image
  • Japan
japan, winter, and snow image flowers, garden, and japan image pink, japan, and flowers image blue, japan, and red image

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