Hey cuties,
actually this is just for myself ,but you can get yourself some inspiration, if you want to:

~ First

Spend as much time as I can with my family and friends. Nothing is more important than my family, including every pet off my family member

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~ Second

I´m 15 and I never ever had a real boyfriend. I know I got time and I´m young, but I´m curious off what it feels like to love each other and stand up for each other and stuff like that.

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~ Third

Go to Croatia with one of my childhood friends called Julia. Maybe we can visit my aunt, she was born there and now she got two amazing kids.

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~ Fourth

Get a summer job to make my own money and support my Mom, because we don´t have that mich money. Later I want to work as an estate agent, but right now i want to work as an accountant.

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~ Fifth

Clear up my skin. My skin is oily/combinated and I´m sick of my breakouts. Hopefully it works.

~ Sixth

Workout more often. Now I go to my training every weekend but that´s not enough. I´m not fat and not super skinny but I want to feel better in my skin and like what I see in the mirror

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~ Seventh

I´m trying to eat healthier. That means less Mc Donalds and Burgerking and Subway (my babes).

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If you really read all of this ^, I really want to thank you and I hope you liked it. It was my first article and english isn`t my mother language so please excuse some mistakes i have probably made.