Hello Everyone! I'm back with another book review. This time it's about the 2016 book 'This Is Where It Ends'. Read on to find out more.


'This Is Where It Ends' was written by Marieke Nijkamp. It's a heartbreaking story of a school shooting. I saw this book and I thought about how this is happening all over America right now. It's sad and I'm truly sorry for anyone affected by the multiple school shootings that have happened.

The book is narrated from four perspectives. All four students are connected to the shooter in some way. One of the students is Autumn the sister of the shooter. I personally loved her character. What happened to her at the end of the book really broke my heart. I really hoped nothing would happen to her but sadly something did.

My other favorite character was Tomas. He was the brother of Autumn's girlfriend, Sylvia. His character to me was very daring and self-sacrificing. A lot of the things he did was for his sister and I really love characters who care about family.

Now on to the actual plot. Tyler, the shooter, is angry at his school which he dropped out of. The day he was supposed to come back he brings a gun and decides to hold both students and teachers in the auditorium. What he doesn't know is that not everyone is in the auditorium. Our other narrators are outside.

Claire the ex-girlfriend of the shooter is outside for an early track practice.
Tomas who I previously mentioned is also outside but for less righteous reasons. I like how Nijkamp gives you multiple visuals. She tells you what's going on inside from the view of Sylvia and Autumn. And on top of that, she tells you what's going on outside from characters mentioned above.

While this book is amazingly written I do have some minor issues with it. Throughout the book, Nijkamp writes a lot of flashbacks. I'm personally not a big fan of flashbacks in books so this was kind of irritating to read. Some flashbacks were really important to the storyline so I didn't mind them. Others I think were a little unnecessary.


While being narrated by Sylvia, Autumns girlfriend, Sylvia holds back from telling her brother Tomas that Tyler raped her. After that, there's no mention of it again. I didn't expect too much but just mentioning it once seems weird. It seems like an empty hole left in the story. I personally would have liked if she kinda did something with the information she gave us.


Other than that I loved this book. Did it have me in tears? Yes. Will I read it again? Yes.

I would give this book a 10/10. It's such a current topic and I really hope that we can stop worrying about this in the future. I hope you check out this book sometime soon.

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