I didn't expect this
I didn't expect falling in love with you the way I did.
We have known each other since we were like eight years old but I always thought of you as a friend until that day.

I was so confused and didn't know what to do.
But you knew it, you knew it on the very first day even that I never told you anything about it.

Suddenly you started treating me differently, it seemed like you were flirting.
When I was talking with other boys you were like angry
I assumed that you liked me, but you didn't
You only wanted me to be only for you, even though we were nothing

I knew what you were trying to do so I moved on
But suddenly you started treating me like a princess and I of course I fell in love with you again.
Some days you just ignored me and the next day you were like nothing had happened.
You made me feel like I wasn't enough

So one day I realized I deserved better so I forgot you.
An pd believe me when I say I'm not falling again for you,
It's time to look for myself and never look back.