Hello everyone, this article is about being calm in your head. Here are 14 tips for you guys.

1. Worry about NOW
Just focus on today, not tommorow, not the future. Chill, we will see what tommorow will bring but don't stress about it.

2. Focus on what you're doing
If you are doing something keep your focus on it. Don't think about other things. If you are reading than read. If you are dancing than dance. Don't think about 2 things at the same time.

3. Stop thinking about must, start willing
It's your choice, nothing is a must.

4. Rehearse difficult things in your head
Close your eyes. Try to think about the situation and try to accept the situation. If you do that, your situation in real life will be easier.

5. Stop regret
What happend, happend. You can't do anything about it. So you can regret as much as you want but nothing will change. So stop doing it. If it was good than it was good, if it was bad than you learned new stuff. Don't regret.

6. Make time for yourself
Read a little, watch a movie, go biking, sport a little or enjoy eating chocolate. Everyone needs some time for themselves.

7. Be patient
Life needs time, not everything goes that fast as you want. The people that are patient, reach more. Remember that.

8. Go outside to move
Go take a walk. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the nature.

9. Look around you
You see very much, right? Be happy with it. Some people are praying for a life like you have.

10. Give or ask for a hug
You give love and you receive love with it.

11. Stop saying that you are too stupid
Stop comparing you with others. Everyone is great in their on way. That's the reason why we say that nobody is perfect. Because everyone sees a different definition of perfect.

12. Don't forget to learn from your faults.
Faults can make you a stronger and smarter person. Life learns us a lot.

13. Throw all your clutter out of your life
You are better than that. Don't stay with people that don't like you or something in that way. F*ck them. YOU ARE BETTER.

14. Stop being mad so much
Don't worry be happy. You only live once. Enjoy your life. Make it a great life. You are young.

This was my article. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Lots of love 😝