Hello Ladies and Gents,

I saw this tag and omg, tvd is my life. With Gilmore Girls the Nr. 1 on my Netflix Watch List. I started to watch it when it came out back in 2009, and I love it ever since. <3

✧ favorite female and male character

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Katerina is my Queen. And I love Niklaus Mikaelson. To me, Nik is the most interesting character, his past is so sad, and I love how strong and funny he is.

✧ least favorite character

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I can't stand Finn, and Mikael is just annoying and I absolutely hate the way he treats Nik. Especially back then.

✧ favorite villain

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Besides Nik, definitely Malachai Parker. I just love him. - Yes, I always love the villains in every show/book, lmao, I can't help it.

✧ favorite family

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The Mikaelsons, "always and forever". ;) ♥

✧ favorite parent

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I guess Jenna does count, right?

✧ favorite friendship

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I absolutely love love love when Damon and Bonnie become best friends in prison world. I love both, so their friendship is everything I needed.

✧ favorite ship

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Back then I was all up for Delena, but for like a year now I enjoy Stelena. I used to hate Stefan, but now - finally - I realized how cute he actually is and their relationship is so healthy and happy. (ignoring all the shit that always happens. :D). Also loved Alaric and Jenna.

✧ Worst ship

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I didn't enjoy Bonnie and Jamie. It was weird, he seemed more like her brother to me (probs cos he basically is), but oh well. :D

✧ Saddest moment

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Basically every single time when Bonnie gets hurt. Or when Elena, Stefan or Niklaus are crying. Also hated when Jenna died, or the first time when Damon breaks Jeremys neck. Remember that? My heart broke to pieces, cos you really thought he's dead. . :o

✧ Funniest moment

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Oh, Damon and Nik are by far the funniest. Their sarcasm is 100% on point. But Stefan, Elijah, Kai and Enzo are also pretty funny sometimes.

✧ Most romantic moment

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Honestly don't know. There are too many. But I absolutely love this scene with Bonnie and Lorenzo, so romantic and cute. <3

✧ Human or vampire Elena

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I actually love human Elena. (I feel like so many people don't like her, so I'm always like. Do they hate me too? lmao) Well, I relate to her a lot. She kinda reminds me of myself in certain situations, like I'm extremely empathic and overthink everything way too much, just like her.

✧ Human or vampire Caroline

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I absolutely love vampire Care.

✧ Elena or Katherine

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I love both so so much. Tho human Katherine - Katerina - was more like Elena, and as a vamp Kathy is way more confident, almost bitchy. :D I mean, yeah, they kinda change when they turn, but Katherine and Katerina seem like two different people.

✧ Stefan or Damon

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Both. Love Stefans kindness and Damons jokes and sarcasm.

✧ This character shouldn't have died

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I loved her, so Jenna of course. STEFAN And I miss Lexi and Enzo. And Mason, would've liked to see more of him and Ty.

✧ Your crush

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I can't help it, I loved Malachai the second I saw him lol. And Kol Mikaelson. I love how dark and evil they are and I also enjoy their sarcasm.

✧ If you could be any character, who would you be

Holy Lord, I don't know. I really don't. :D

✧ Favorite season

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Season 1, 2 and 3 are still my fav. most of my fav characters are in these seasons: human Elena, Jalaric, the Mikaelsons, I also liked Anna and Lexi. Idk, I guess I'm just too nostalgic.

✧ Vampire, werewolf, hybrid or witch

I'd love to be a Hybrid. 🐺

✧ human or animal blood

Even tho I love animals, I think I'd go with animal blood. At least try. I mean, I wouldn't kill them, just drink enough so I don't die. K, let's be honest I'd prob rahter die than to kill any animal lmao (I'm veggie sooo😂) 💉

✧ Have you read the books

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I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AHHH!!! And I actually got tvd Stefans Diaries and I tell ya, it's sooo good, cos as you know Katherine is my fav and the books are basically just about her and Stefan and Damon, but from Stefans view, obv., since it's his Diary.

✧ Favorite quote

Well, My all time favs are: "If we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?" - Kat, "You rant and rave about the monster I have become, but you are the author of everything I am!" - Nik, "When people see good they expect good - I don't want to live up to anyone's expectations." - Damon, ...

✧ Do you ship Ian and Nina

Even tho it's not gonna happen, yes, I do. ♥

✧ favorite cast member

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Um, Joseph Morgan of course. :D But I love 'em all.

✧ How did you discover The Vampire Diaries

I honestly can't remember. I was probably watching tv and randomly started to watch it. 📺

The Vampire Diaries or The Originals

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Um, BOTH! Pretty sure you know by now that I love the Mikaelsons. Klaus is my fav, he even is my fav out of all fandom characters I love, and that means smth. :D So you can imagine how I freaked out when TO came out.

✧ How much do you miss The Vampire Diaries

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There are no words to describe it. You just feel sad and kinda empty. I mean the show was there for a long period of my life, we are talking about almost 10 years. When it came out I was basically still a kid and it was always there when I wanted to escape from reality. It was there when I was at middle school, when I was a teen, sweet 16, when I turned 18 and now I'm a young adult, turning 22. Yeah, It's still there, but now there is an actual end. Idk, it's just weird and makes me sad. Tho, the show taught me so much. How beautiful life can be and to always stand up and fight. No matter how hard it is, it will get better. Always. And thank god there is TO and I can watch both on Netflix whenever I want. :D And believe me, I will - #cringealert - Always and forever. ;) <3 <3

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End. :D Well, this was really fun and showed me again how much I love tvd and to. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Try this too, if you are a fan. I'm gonna watch some Netflix now. :D Bye. <3
Thanks for the questions, beautiful. This is an amazing tag, very emotional for me, and it brings the tvd community together. Isn't this one of the best fandoms ever? I love it. <3