Hello ARMY's and other cuties here in this article. I bring the last BTS inspired outfit article to you. I am a bit sad about it, but I liked these weeks with he cool outfits. I hope you liked the previous ones and you got some inspire from me. But let's see my two last weeks with BTS. Enjoy it.
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03/26 - Monday - Namjoon

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So, on that Monday I was wearing Namjoon's outfit from N.O.. It includes a white T-Shirt what is a bit Japanese, but nevermind, black jeans and my lovely black sneakers, what I wasn't wearing on the photo. Sorry about it, but next times It chnges. Haha. I think, this is a simple outfit, but everything is cool with black and white clothing so, just wear it!

03/27 - Tuesday - Taehyung

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This was one of my favorite outfits. I just liked this combo of Taehynung's outfit. It was so cool! My favorite part was the black/white stripped shirt, under it, there was a black T-shirt with the psycho thing on it and cool red jeans. Again, I loved it so much, and I hope you liked as much as I liked Taehyung's outfit.

03/28 - Wednesday - Hoseok

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The first thing is, that I recognized, that every wednesday I just wore Hoseok's outfits and it's kinda funny. So, from now, wednesday is Hoseok day!
But for real, I wore a cool dark green shirt what I bought before the week, haha. Cool army green jeans and my black sneakers, but not on the pic, sorry again.

03/29 - Thursday

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My favorite part of this was the grey long cardigan. It was so comfy and a bit skinny, but it was so cool. It was almost bigger then me, but I am not that small, haha. Then I wore a white tee again and slme kind of black jeans I like so much. This outfit fits so much better to tae than me, haha.

Next week

04/02 - Monday - Jungkook

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DNA outfits are the coolest things what I saw on BTS mv's. But come on, just look at those outfits, they are so cool! So, Jungkook was wearing a cool red tee with blue jeans and a farmer jacket, but I just had white, so I put that on, it's not that bg deal, right? I don't have white boots, so just watch my black socks, haha.

04/03 - Tuesday - Yoongi

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Yoongi is just Yoongi and there are not that much situations, that he was wearing some kind of colorful clothes. But for him, black and white fits the best. Many times he just wear this combo, like in the Boy in luv mv, so I wore it too. A white tee, with black jacket, black jeans and my newbie black Vans skate sneakers. My loves!

04/04 - Wednesday - Jimin

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War of Hormone outfits are cool too. The best is Jimin's and also Jungkook's, but that's an other thing. So, Jimin wears some cool red jeans as me, a white tee, 'cause I don't really have a white shirt, sad story...and my lovely suspenders. He just have a good opinion of clothes here. Haha.

04/05 - Thursday - Jungkook

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If you are looking on the pic, you can see that I was a little rbele, 'cause I was wearing a dark pink tee. I just think, that it was similar to the red one, so I wore it with dark blue jeans, a black heart belt and my cool black jacket. I kind liked it, it was a cool day in it.

04/06 - Friday - Jin

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It was so hot that Friday, so I just can't wear a white sweater, but I buy a cool tee with my dream city, like my name, LA, haha. So, as me, Jin wears some whiteness, black jeans and my loves, what are my sneakers.

Thank you so much guys, for reading this article and the previous ones and the others. This means to me so-so much and you are the best! Thank you for those support, hearts and reaction, I love you all! So, I hope you liked this article and if you did, just let me know. Have a good day or night and don't forget to be who you are and who you want to be! Stay strong! Never give up! Fighting!