Life. It is a joke, a game of those who have more zeros in the bank account, of whom it can carry more beat. One difference, do you ride a public or private limousine? Public limousines trying to keep an air conditioner to say be quality when the real thought is 'turn off that musty smell', headache, extreme tiredness, will you take it? 'Have you tried to take this medicine?' another bullshit, invented to take the extreme of the worker, maximum profit, this is the motto, deceiving our bodies thinking that something changes, but at the end of the month, still has the accounts to pay, still has a balance zeroed. Smoke, pollution, death, tragedy, in the newspaper, just misery, do you ever stopped to think? Put in our head the positive side of things, of work, 'one day you grow up, it's up to you', but we're only bombarded with tragic, overwhelming news, traffic, until the last moment we cling to our privacy, but we use Facebook as a second life, Google, left your GPS turned on, you are fucked, even know in which bathroom you didn't give discharge.
Society of the spectacle, what matters? Bread and circus, show, fuck, missed the trial time, it doesn't matter, we've turned your collapse into a joke. Ha ha. Bulling, freshness, want to draw attention, there was none of it in my time. Yeah, yeah, there wasn't all of it in your time.