A similar existing article and my current love situation inspired me to write such an article. ♥ At first I was not sure if I should upload it, but maybe there are like-minded people.

In my life there is a boy who has sneaked into my heart. I do not see him very often, so most if my thoughts and dreams belong to him. Because in these, our previous meetings and discussions take place. There is so much I would like to tell him, but I do not dare and so far I have never had a good time to get closer to him. Maybe that will change, I hope so anyway.

What I want to say to my secret lover:

  • “You make me feel like I'm the most beautiful girl in your life„
  • “You make me smile when you look at me„
  • “The time with you seems magical„
  • “i miss you as soon as we are a village apart„
  • “I hope you will be there at every meeting„
  • “Your humor always makes me laugh„
  • “You were so nice to me„
  • “I'm always having fun with you„
  • “Our little adventure was so tense„
  • “I can lie down on the street with you without being afraid„
  • “I'm scared of the day you have to go„
  • “I felt safe when you protected me„
  • “Thank you„
  • “I think I fell in love with you„

I still hope for the best and am pleased with him at any moment, hopefully he is the same.

In the end I'll connect my account and my another article of mine so that you can check it out ♥



I wish you a relaxed rest week! ♥

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