HELLO my dear sweet hearters out there you are asking why I am so excited today? I don't know ist just a good day you know even if I have a test I didn't study for and also have School till 4 p.m. and also have maths test tomorrow but still a happy Little human as you know me

And today I want to talk about how I bullet Journal and You Guys it is the most greatest Thing ever let me tell you!!! I started 9 days ago and I loveeeee doing it it is so much FUN!

1 Get a Notebook

So first off you Need something to write in I got just a plain Notebook with 50 sitest I think and I like it a lot.

2 Inspiration

So I had to get a lot of Inspiration before I started writing and drawing in my bullet Journal so I just want to give you some Inspiration now!

3 Pages/Themes you can do

1. Year starter

Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and art image
So on the beginning of every year you could do a year starter it Looks cute and also you know where you are!

2. Monthly pages

doodle, draw, and green image drawing and bullet journal image
So a month page is sooo cute you can design it however you want to I have a lot of other Things on it!

3. Trackers

creative, creativity, and inspiration image tracker image
You can track so many Things: Working out, Skin, Self love, Mood, ...

4. Goals

goal, save, and bullet image Image removed
You can also write down your Goals.

5. To do

school image ideas image

6. Drawing

art, creative, and diy image art, cactus, and drawing image

So I hope you start journaling soon
Much love and smooches,