Hi everyone!
In this article, I am going to tell you my current favorite songs. I listen mostly to rock and alternative songs. I hope you enjoy!
(My native language isn't English so sorry if I make any mistakes)

The Neighborhood - Cry Baby
I found this song a while ago and I have been loving it ever since, the relaxing sounds in the beginning and the beat.

Panic! At The Disco - Say Amen (Saturday Night)
Panic! released 2 songs on the 21st of March and to be honest, I have been pretty obsessed with them lately. Brendon's voice is amazing in every song so in this one as well (but what did we expect?). Also Nicole's voice is great, she's the new bassist.

Nothing But Thieves - Sorry
I know this song because a friend recommended it to me and it is truly beautiful. I did hear of them but I never really listened to them. But really, an amazing song.

Foo Fighters - My Hero
Foo Fighters is my favorite band ever and My Hero is one of my all time favorite songs of them. The bass, the drums, the vocals.. everything is perfect. I also love the ending, you hear the guitars slow down? I'm sorry I have no idea how to explain it but I think it sounds great.

Asking Alexandria - Gone
Asking Alexandria is actually a metal band but this clearly isn't a metal song. This is one calm and normally I'm not really into slow songs but this one has again great vocals and I think it's wonderful.

Fall Out Boy - The Kids Aren't Alright
I saw Fall Out Boy a week ago in Amsterdam and their concert was amazing. Unfortunately, they didn't play this song. It is my favorite song of them and it is also in my favorite album of them: American Beauty / American Psycho.
Anyway, Patrick's vocals are so good in this song, especially in the end.

Foo Fighters - Everlong
Another great Foo Fighters song. I say it in every paragraph but Dave's vocals are sooo beautiful.

Foo Fighters - I Am A River
Alright, this is my favorite Foo Fighters song. This one's not really known but it is from their 2015 album Sonic Highways. It's 7:09 minutes long but worth every second of it. Every instrument sounds so good and when the chorus starts with Dave's ''I- I- I am a river'' it literally gives me goosebumps. If you listen to it with your eyes closed, you hear every sound.

IDK HOW is Dallon Weekes' new band (former bassist of Panic!) and although they only released 2 songs, they're great. I can't wait to hear more.

Alice In Chains - Would
To be honest, this is the only song I know of ALC but that doesn't take away that it isn't a cool song. First thing you hear is the great bass and I love it when you're able to hear an obvious bass in a song.

Panic! At The Disco - Casual Affair
This is one of my favorites of P!ATD and I don't really have much to tell about it. Sorry, but again, Brendon's vocals ... <3

Panic! At The Disco - The End Of All Things
Alright, the last song is again a Panic! song and I don't know but I don't think this song is well known. Like I said before, I am not really into slow songs but the piano is so wonderful and apparently, the lyrics are Brendon's wedding vows! Makes it even more lovely.

Alright, thank you so much for reading this article and I hope you discovered some new cool songs and / or bands. I'm sorry I overused the word ''vocals'' ... :)
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