I haven't done an article for a while and it seems like forever to me.

The most horrible thing in life is having insecurity but we all do have one or a few and that is fine. We are humans after all.
What is important is to learn how to live with each of them and understand that most of them just make us unique and special or even beautiful in the eyes of others.

Today I decided to share a few of mine that might be same as yours.

Hope you can learn to love them just as I did <3


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The biggest fight so far was my fight with acne which til this day is and probably always be a part of my life. Even if my skin is so much better now, it is still hard for me to look at the scars and dark spots that are left. If there is no on face then it appears on the back or somewhere else. It just always finds its way to show up. And after all these years of throwing my money away and buying expensive acne products, I understood that this is part of me no matter what. I obviously still try to fight it but now I'm just okay with the way it is.


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I just hate hate hate them. It's one of the worst things in my eyes. So uncomfortable and I feel like a geek all the time. No makeup looks nice and it kills me. Until recently I couldn't even take a picture with them. The more I live the better I realize that it might be for the rest of my life. It's a big part of me and in order to see, I will have to wear them. I guess eyes is not something you choose.


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The body that was given to me is a gift that I must appreciate cuz there is only one me. It's one thing that I will never be able to change and those short legs will remain short till I die and those small arms will always be small. That is okay.


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You people with full eyebrows! You are too lucky. This is my insecurity since I started to wear makeup. I realized that I really do not have any eyebrows. I rather pluck them every day then draw them every day. SO sick of it. But it's something fixable so I can live with that.


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Oh, it's a different story on my forehead and you could probably write it all down on it. Huge as it is, now it makes me feel fine. For such a long time I had to hide it behind bangs just so nobody would look at it. You know what? I love my huge forehead and I'm hella proud of having it. One day, when no books will exist you people will thank me for having it, cuz you can put a lot of text on it. Jk.


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Not that I hate it but it is so weird. Never heard anyone speaking like me and as much as it makes me unique I do feel a little self-conscious about it. After all, I can not change my voice for sure. So people just have to get used to it.

I tried to make it as funny and inspiring as I could. although I'm slightly lame that is also a part of my charm. We are all weird and different and it is so beautiful how we all can live this life while being us. Love yourself. If you don't then who will?

- Elena