I never thought I could be so close to death ever. Until one summer day, terrible stomach pains, a terrible feeling that something goes towards the heart and everything courageous inside. It was appendicitis, that is, our organ in the accumulated "whipping" begins to rot, and that "manure" must be removed or otherwise you just will die.
And that's how I got rid of it twice, because some doctors simply do not dare to be doctors, so just. And so I do not mind them, because I am still alive thanks to them.
But after these operations in my life, I look at everything in a completely different way, I was so short of everything, and everything would just be gone, you know, I'm glad it happened because it's a survival, and so I worked it out and thank God for more I will not have it anymore. (xaxa)

And sometimes you need to knock yourself a branch to understand that you have wings ~~~
After a variety of experiences, you become stronger, happier, and simply more human - more realistic. You become you <3

This song made me stronger - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NucJk8TxyRg