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I honestly love traveling! I wish I were able to do it more often. I love experiencing different cultures and exploring foreign lands. It'd be a dream to travel the world and stay in different countries for months at a time 🌞

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I'm going on an island vacation towards the end of this month, so that was the inspo for this article 🌴

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HYDRATION! It's the number one tip. Drinking water on an airplane is essential. I find it hard to drink water (I'm weird, I know) so I usually put fruit in it. Especially lemons.

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Watermelon is another good way to stay hydrated 🍉
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I use coconut oil when in the sun. Since our bodies produce their own UV protection I don't find sunscreen useful. I just limit my time in the sun to about an hour at a time.

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Sand as an exfoliate plus that coconut oil for hydration = the best glow and tan you could ever achieve 😉

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Books, magazines, anything you want to read. Traveling is the best way to detach from technology and just relax with a book 📚

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Accessories - sunglasses, sandals, bikinis, etc.

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Music - I don't leave home without my headphones. Also creating travel playlists is fun 🙂

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