You finally summon the courage to confess your love to your crush. The moment is just right, you're all alone and all that's left is for you to tell him/her how you feel. How would you feel if you found out that, your oblivious crush, is in fact a Shoujo mangaka?

Sakura(aka Chiyo) is deeply in love with Nozaki, the sweet and kind, yet oblivious secret Shoujo mangaka. After Chiyo confesses her love to Nozaki, she ends up with an autograph (the guy is horrible at picking up social cues). At first, the name he autographed with seems really familiar- Chiyo quickly realizes it's the pen name of a famous Shoujo mangaka.

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The anime is all about awkward teen romance. The characters in Nozaki's manga are all based on his real life friends and their relationships, but the way Nozaki portraits them on paper is the 'improved' and idolized version. A contrast exists because of these 'true love' scenarios of the manga and the real life scenarios of the same relationships. We are witnesses of this every day, we see the very best moments of someone's life- and we chose to portrait our lives in the best way possible.

What arises from this are hilarious scenes you can't help but to laugh at. The dynamic between all of the characters can, at times be really hilarious, but also heartwarming.

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This is definitely one of my favourite episodes
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And one of my favourite moments in the entire anime (poor Chiyo)
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Btw, the human punching bag is Kashima
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I mean, if these gifs aren't crazy and funny enough for you to go and watch this, you have no soul

Another noteworthy characteristic of Gekkan Shoujo is the way it uses Shoujo tropes to make jokes. This is accomplished by the characters' attempts of trying to 'implement' these same tropes in real life. An excellent example would be Wakamatsu, who literally, uses Shoujo manga as a reference on how you should challenge someone to a battle (and fails in the most hilarious way).

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Gekkan Shoujo isn't trying to tell a perfect love story- in fact, it is showing the viewer how complicated and confusing it can be to love someone. It's funny and honest, a pleasure to watch and a disappointment there is only one season of this gem.

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It's only twelve episodes long, with a standard run time of about 20 minutes. If you're the type that finds romance movies/shows cheesy- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is the ideal anime for you!

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PS I wanna thank you all for a really positive reception of my previous article on Oshiet! Galko-chan! It means a lot and I'd love to keep making these anime reviews! 😊❤️
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