Hey, dear reader! Because you clicked on this article I'm assuming you are a student and would want to know some study tips. These tips are best for auditory learners, so before you start following any of these tips, I urge you to find out what kind of a learner you are. Auditory learners are people who retain information better if they learn it through listening and speaking rather than writing or looking at diagrams. On to the tips~

Use Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a very popular website/app for learning Math, Science and some other subjects. Even though this website has only videos which are usually for visual learners, these videos are very simple and the content is explained very well.

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Listen to Podcasts

For learning essay-based subjects like history, there are many popular podcasts out there like Hardcore History by Dan Carlin etc that explain the subject matter in an interesting and detailed way. Try taking simple notes after listening to them and listen again if you need to.

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Try Audio Books / Recordings

For languages, I strongly suggest listening to Audiobooks or reading out and recording your lessons or recording your lectures on your phone so that you can listen to them later on and revise. You can also get your friends/family and explain the topics to them or pretend you're explaining the topics to someone (this has helped me a lot).

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Alter your study space

Studying in quieter places like libraries instead of cafés so that there are fewer foreign noises that might distract you. Try not to listen to any upbeat music.

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Invest in a good pair of earphones or headphones (maybe noise-cancelling ones) to help you focus. To increase your focus, try mindful meditation or start listening to classical music a few days before your exams.

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Don't give up

This is for everyone. This sounds very cliched but one bad grade or paper is not the end of the world. Never give up and try again but this time figure out where you went off track and improve.

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