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New York Minute

Okay, so like most people my age at the time I was OBSSESSED with everything Mary-Kate and Ashley. Like, after watching this movie I wished that my parents would have named me Roxy, but unfortunately for my elementary self, that was not the case. To this day, I still believe the olsen twins are ultimate hair goals in this movie. Plus, a young Jared Padalecki, I mean come on. Also, an impromptu performance by Simple Plan, this was a very important factor to my younger self. Plus, the song they performed, Vacation is still super catchy and I will look it up every now and again for a throwback bop. But what REALLY got me back in the day was the looks that were served in this movie. When they have the full out like outfit montage at the beauty shop, I was like these outfits are a little off the wall but maaaan are they working. Like, if I remember correctly one of the twins was rocking an afro and I was down with it. Then, the movie actually ends with a pretty rockin version of Suffragette City, which was what introduced me to David Bowie so that itself says something.

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Sky High

So, I'm totally laughing that someone has actually posted all the student i.d's from the movie on here. I chose magenta, because although she had arguably the lamest power, I wanted to be here because she had purple hair. But this movie still holds up, nothing groundbreaking by any means but I mean just fun to watch. Plus, the quote from the end of the movie actually comes into my mind often. "In the end, my girlfriend became my arch enemy, my arch enemy became my best friend, and my best friend became my girlfriend. But, hey, it's high school."

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For starters, Steve really was plush. Whatever that even means. Like do you remember that cute mole?? And who would have thought Evan Peters would glow up like he did? I still listen to a song that I discovered from this movie often, Stuck- Allister. Yes, it sounds just as angsty as a song from a pre teen early 2000's movie would. And like, when Julie almost sees Steve in the shower, I was on edge, I was like is this about to happen?? And the ending ugh, so perfect.

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Anyone who knows me, knows I take the Halloweentown series very seriously. I have a tradition of watching all 4 films every October. Including the fourth one, even though it really upsets me. A redeeming quality of it though is Right Where You Want Me by Jesse McCartney being featured. Which if you back and actually listen is a little raunchy for Disney Channel standards. The first one is classic. The second is interesting though because Cal is such a bad dude but he does it so well.

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If I go back and watch this movie now, some parts are a tad cringey but I feel like that has more to do with the fact that I'm no longer 10. But this was another movie that I was in love with the fashion. Like the clown look I thought was crazy cool at the time. Plus, I wanted to be Jade so bad.

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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

This one I have gone back and added to this list, mostly because I think I forgot it existed and I now have a strong urge to watch it. As with most of the movies from my childhood, what attracted me to this movie was Lola's style. I know there are things from 2000's fashion that are definitely regrettable but I can still usually look back and appreciate the looks. Plus, I grew up to become the fangirl that Lola was in this movie.

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A Cinderella Story

This movie gave me insanely high expectations about what my first kiss would be like. And is it just me or does anyone else think that this movie is Chad Michael Murray's all time peak? Like yes, he always looks good in One Tree Hill too but it's just something about him in this movie. Possibly the football uniform? Also, songs that I love from this soundtrack- Best Day Of My Life-Jesse McCartney and Sympathy-Goo Goo Dolls

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Freaky Friday

And hey, while we're talking about Chad Michael Murray let's go ahead and add Freaky Friday to the list. Although, I was not attracted to him in this movie, sorry the long hair just didn't do it for me. This movie is actually hilarious. Jamie Lee Curtis for real rocks this. Fun fact: me and one of my friends reenact Chad Michael Murray's rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time often. Sometimes in the car I will hand her the aux and that is what she chooses to play.

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Well this movie is about a mermaid so that alone was a plus for me. I thought the blue streak in Aqua's hair was so cool. I loved the slow dance to Islan In The Sun. I was also a sucker for a good fashion montage in my childhood movies. Something else I thought was cool was how they transformed the blue t-shirt into 90% of Aqua's wardrobe for the movie.

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The Princess Diaries

This movie makes me feel so good watching it. I also like the second one, particularly the slumber party with the karaoke scene and mattress surfing. I appreciate how Mia starts out in the movie. And what I mean by that is, in a lot of movies all the "unattractive" girl has to do is take off her glasses and BAM she's a supermodel. At least in this movie, the makeover required a little work. And that's not to say she was ever ugly, but there is obviously a difference from how she looks in the beginning of the movie compared to the end.