I got over Him. That's the sentence I've been craving to say for the past 2 years. I must admit it was hard, it almost seemed impossible but it happened. Can't exactly describe how it feels, you're just..empty. That's the word. I mean, I still remember (sometimes) painful memories and all that stuff that kept me sad for so long but I keep saying to myself.. that's the old him, it's past and he belongs there. I don't wanna act like I'm some kind of psychiatrist and give you advice because every one of us is different but I can say for sure that the only thing that keeps pulling you back in the past and the good memories you remember. I know you still hope that 'good times will come. It won't. As soon as you realise that you are free. Hoping for something that will never come is like holding a thorn rose and hoping that you won't bleed. Pointless... I guess our pride was bigger than our will to love each other and that's okay because now I know. it wasn't meant to be. Maybe.. today is a good day to fall in love.