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Guess who's back! Well, obviously, me! I don't know what hit me today, but I feel so inspired. Anyway, let's start. So... I've had a lot of problems with panic attacks and stress and I wanna share with you things that calm me down in those moments.

1. Music

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Listening to music is probably the best way to calm down. The best kind of music, at least for me, is the slow one. I mean, I don't think that rock would calm me down, but I don't know about you... What my point was... when you're stressed about something, just listen to some music. Let yourself to relax a bit and forget about everything and just enjoy the feeling.

2. Read

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Reading is so helpful, I don't even know where to start. Reading a book and imagining the scene in your head is like going into another dimension. And yes, I'm a book worm. Reading is the best way to forget about this life, your life and make a world of your own.

3. Journal

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I personally have tried so many times to write a journal and failed so hard. BUT I know many people find it really relaxing to write down their feelings. So I'm saying that it might help you relax, but I can't confirm. It just depends on what kind of person you are and how, idk, sensitive (?) you are. It won't kill you if you try...

4. Write

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It can be anything... Writing a journal is writing. Writing an article on WHI is writing. Writing a book of your own is writing... There are so many stuff you can write that can relax you.

5. Workout

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Try to take at least 30 minutes out of your day to workout. You can run or do some exercises or yoga.... You are gonna feel proud of yourself and you are gonna find a way to get that bad energy out of your system. And you are gonna gain more confidence and self esteem.

6. Meditate

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I've tried this a while ago and I've started meditating every day since then. You can download an app or find some of them on youtube or just lay down and turn off your mind. It's not really that hard when you try it. Oh, and I've read one book that is called "Intelligence" and it is by OSHO. I'm kinda obsessed with books from him. So, yeah, I recommend it.

7. Sports

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Playing any sport is also one way of relaxing. I think it's because you put all your focus on that for some time and it makes you forget about the things in your life out of the room where you train. And you're making something out of your life too.

8. Movies/Shows

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Watching a movie or following a show is another very good way to forget about all the stress and focus on somebody's else life.

9. Spa Night

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Make yourself a spa night and give yourself some time to relax. Take a glass of wine and make yourself a hot bath with bath bomb and roses petals on. And that is also a good idea for picture too...

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I hope I've helped someone with this article and gave you a way of relaxing. That is all I have for you today.