I’ve always felt very uncomfortable watching the way teenage girls were portrayed in movies. Growing up, we haven't seen many women caring for each other, lifting each other and fighting hard for what is right. We still need more of that both in tv and in life. It's hard to find a movie where teens are being nice to each other, helping each other out and being kind without there being some sort of weird and mean subplot.

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Movies have a huge effect on the way people view society. Everyone is a teenager at one point in life, so don’t let tv alone define how teen life really is.

In a world where we have so many opportunities to be compassionate and empower each other, we have all developed this crazy notion that other girl's success is our own failure. Some girls pray that their ‘best friend’ will fail, so they will be the one left standing to shine. Rather than letting the green-eyed monster get the best of us, why not use it to ask ourselves how to be better, and push hard to get there too?

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Us girls need to remember that the best way to show our strength is to love one another and not tear each other down. Girl power not only boosts women but also everyone else. The society wants us to be pinned against each other but hatred is not human nature. We all need to grow up and motivate each other. Our time is now.

💕 How to transform your life today for bright future:

  • Practice acceptance:

Every moment is a new moment to practice acceptance and non-judgement. Accepting others begins with accepting ourselves.

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  • Learn to motivate & inspire:

Instead of looking at your friend's success as your failure, let the fact she achieved something that you're also working toward serve as proof that you can also get there. Believe me, it brings so much positive energy to your life.

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  • Jealousy gets you nowhere:

Jealousy is a disturbing emotion that can wreck your friendships if you let it invade your space. Recognize that the girl you feel jealous towards is not you, will never be you and probably doesn't know what you know. So, it all comes down to starting by caring more about how you feel, making you feeling good matter more than anything.

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  • Competing is useless:

We all have different aspirations in life, so why do we act as if we’re fighting to achieve the same things? Do things that you love to do, eat delicious food, journal, read and in time you will feel empowered. You are the creator of your life, you can be, do and have anything you desire.

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  • Complement each other:

Talk to each other, inspire one another! If you can be the woman that makes another woman believe in herself again, GO DO IT. If you like another girl’s hair, make up, outfit, make sure to complement her on it. Not only will it make her feel accepted, but it will make her feel better about herself.

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— 💕 You're a strong and powerful girl capable of many things. Don't let a show on TV define who you think you should be. Know that you are an all-powerful being&daughter of the universe!