Dear you,
today I wanna share with you the TOP 5 of my favorite tv shows, I swear you won't regret watching them ;)

Let's fangirl!

1. Shadowhunters

Reason to watch it: the actors are sooo hot

shadowhunters, dominic sherwood, and alberto rosende image shadowhunters, dominic sherwood, and emeraude toubia image
lots of people say the show isn't good but I don't share their opinion, I think it's just reinventing the saga creating a new amazing story

2. The 1ØØ

Reason to watch it: Bob Morley obviously!

the 100, eliza taylor, and christopher larkin image Image removed
I love this show so much, I ship Bellarke and I can't wait for 24th April

3. Riverdale

Reason to watch it: Cole Sprouse eheh

riverdale, cole sprouse, and camila mendes image riverdale, kj apa, and cole sprouse image
this is pure drama. In case you feel the need of something insane this tv show is the one for you ahah

4. Once upon a time

Reason to watch it: awaken the child within you

Jennifer Morrison, rebecca mader, and lana parrilla image once upon a time, ️ouat, and lana parrilla image
I always loved fairytales and this is actually the continuation of them! I know it's 7 seasons long, but it's worth every episode ;)

5. Teen Wolf

Reason to watch it: supernatural everywhere and, of course, Dylan O'Brien

teen wolf, tyler posey, and holland roden image teen wolf, comic con, and cast image
It was the first real TV show I've ever watched and I was so into it omg

That's all, I hope you found some inspiration and some good tv shows worth watching :)


in case you wanna know better their characters ;)
in case you were interested ;)