hello, im thea! i've been wanting to make friends on we heart it for a while now so I thought I would make a group chat. I will make the group chat on snapchat if I get at least 2 people to join.

if you want to join send me a message with;
• your name
• age
• where you live (country)
• hobbies
• other things you feel like I should know

anyone can join, but I have some requirements
• be active in the groupchat, this is not a rule, but there's no point in having a dead groupchat haha
• be nice, this is probably self explanatory but it's important, I don't want a negative groupchat
• don't hate, I want a positive groupchat where everyone is friends

about me;
• my name is thea, i'm 15 years old
• my birthday is August 28 2002
• I live in Norway in a city called Stavanger
• I'm a dancer and I like listening to music, watch tv shows and hang out with my friends!
• i love meeting new people and making new friends

hope you want to join, I will put everyone who wants to join in the groupchat. <3

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