hey grace its your girl tash and i'm doing your self care article that i promised you right lets start...*side note, don't read this unless you're grace bc this isn't for you is it, smh*

-firstly, make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water everyday (it means four 500 mls). also try and have two 500 mls during the morning and the other two during the afternoon. this is because you frequently complain about getting spots so make sure you drink your water as it does help a lot!

-next, you need to plan out your revision better so i would suggest making yourself a revision timetable and choosing reasonable amounts of time you spend revising; and make sure you turn your phone and any electronic devices off that you think will distract you whilst revising!

-for your tablets, so you stop forgetting to take them i think that you should either put a reminder on your phone at the times you are supposed to take them bc you're usually on your phone so you cannae really miss it, or you should put post-it notes in places where you usually are at home... such as the fridge; or on things you use.

-with hair care, you need to make sure you eat lots of vitamin c foods as it is the best thing for strengthening hair for long periods of time, you need to trim a very short amount of it every 6-8 weeks in order to keep it healthy as split ends travel up your hair then that means if you want to get rid of them you need to trim more of it off. also once you get out of the shower after washing it, do not put it in a towel! as this can cause damage and breakage which is not something anyone wants.

-now, for your food plan i would suggest that you should do a really healthy food shop once i have made you that collection on healthy foods/snacks so you can see what you would want to have and then plan out meals you would like to eat but also making sure its enough so that you don't snack too much between meals and during the evening especially if it was unhealthy because if you eat sugar throughout the day rather than within a short amount of time then it has a bigger effect on your body; although that is what we are trying to prevent.

-for skincare i think that the best thing for you to do is invest in products that suit your skin type; such as oily or dry. then find the best ones for your skin and create a simple morning and night routine that consists of using a cleanser, toner then moisturising. although you must make sure you remember to do this every day as you will be surprised at how quickly you see good results for your gorgeous skin!

-lastly, sleep. you need to definitely try and make sure you plan your daily routine ahead so that if you want to try and get to bed earlier then it will be easier. for example, if you get everything you need to do in a day done in the time you give yourself, then when it comes to maybe an hour before the time you want to get into bed then you won't be stressing to finish things you need to do before you go to bed which gives you less stress and more time to relax!

i hope that this self care guide helps you with everything thats been stressing you and you start to feel better! love you lots from your bff tash/kels xxx