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I've always wanted to make aesthetically pleasing color themes collections, but whenever I tried on my account it wasn't really working out as I wanted it to.

So, I decided to make a side-account called catch me in oblivion with all of the amazing themes out there!

This article will be an overview of my favorite themes, so lets get started!

1 | beige x brown theme

Temporarily removed book, aesthetic, and sweater image aesthetic, theme, and beige image book, vintage, and letters image
This is such a soft and relaxed theme, and it's kind of alternative at times what I really like.

2 | tan x light blue theme

Temporarily removed fashion, jeans, and Calvin Klein image Image removed travel, paris, and city image
This is one of the most pleasing themes ever. Plus, it includes a lot of different subjects as fashion, architecture and so on.

3 | blue x orange theme

orange, blue, and theme image Temporarily removed summer, beach, and surf image aesthetic, building, and city image
It's harder to find pictures for this theme, but I really enoy searching for them. Somehow the colors just fit.

4 | pink x grey theme

pink, paint, and grey image mountains, nature, and photography image bed, pink, and grey image Image by 𝓖 𝓪 𝓫 𝓫 𝔂
I was suprised how beautiful these two colors match with each other. It's soft but energetic at the same time.

5 | green x beige theme

Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed
These colors radiate a young, wild and free vibe, and I just adore it.

♥ | the end

My side-account has twenty-five color themes collections in total, so you can always check them out if you want to! If you're missing a certain theme, you can message me and I'd love to add another one.

Thank you for reading! Love, Paulien.

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