The blood filled my body from head to toe,
The love overpowered
The danger bells that rang in my head.

The sunshine covered by the clouds,
The happiness disappeared
Turning to cowardice - scared to confess.

The tropical island left me afloat,
The fueled attraction,
Turning into a burning need.

The forest covered my vision,
The harmony shattered
By the jealousy - reigning my life.

The oceans taking over my heart,
Destroying the peacefulness
Turning it into a lifetime longing.

The violet sky took over my world,
Destroying the last of my royalty
To a world full of mystery.

The rose bushes slowly died,
Tarnishing the last of my romantic view on you
Murdering my sense of freedom, caging me for life.

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Article Song

Blue - Troye Sivan

The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.

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