so, i’ve noticed something. i don’t know if it’s something that bothers others or is actually an issue, but it does irritate me. and since whi is all about expressing opinions, i decided to write about this.

keep in mind i literally have nothing against homosexuality. i don’t care if you are straight or gay, i love everyone!

and now, on with it!

i don’t know if it’s just all fun and games, but there are times when i read some gay fanfics and i see comments that aren’t that great. for example, the main character is confused of his sexuality. and as the cliche goes, he has a girlfriend but then meets a boy and you know.

there is this thing i don’t like tho. in a scene, the main character will be kissing his girlfriend and then in the comments, you will see sentences like “i’m disgusted, get this bitch out of her! i hate straights!” or “wth eww”

i recall this very moment i was reading a book and the main character (let’s call him boy A and the other was boy B) was kissing his girlfriend in the story and when boy B stumbled into that, he was disgusted.

i was fine with that because he was jealous for the plot line and blah blah blah, but when i read the comments, i saw one that made me kind of confused. i remember the exact words.

“literally me whenever i see a straight couple”

isn’t this being racist? (idk if that’s the word tho)

yes, i know. straights have never experienced being prosecuted, but why is it okay for people to make fun of their sexuality? aren’t we heading for equality?

and before you make an excuse like “but that’s nothing compared to what homosexuals have went through” i know. but why try to bring gays up by putting down straights?

imagine if it was the other way around? where i was reading a girl x boy fanfic and there was a scene where a boyxboy kiss was happening. and imagine if someone commented something like what i saw was written.

i’m 100% sure that people wouldn’t stop replying to such a comment and swearing them, but when someone shames a straight couple, then it’s fine. and to add onto it, they do it very openly and no one seems to care.

i hope everyone realizes that we all want equality, but we are going about it the wrong way. don’t put a straight down to get a gay up. don’t put white people down to get black people up.

basically, let’s all just try to stop the hate!

thanks! bye!