one. where we land.

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tell me your secrets, give me a friend, let all the good times flood in. do i love you? do i hate you?

two. friends.

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friends just sleep in another bed and friends don’t treat me like you do. well, i know that there’s a limit to everything, but my friends won’t love me like you.

three. everything you are.

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when i see my future, it is with you, we'll get there. i want my children to be with you, we'll get there.

four. one

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take my hand and my heart and soul, and i will only have these eyes for you, and you know, everything changes but we'll be strangers if we see this through

five, sunburn.

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i moved far away from you, and i want to see you here beside me, dear. but things aren’t clear.

six. cold coffee.

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i’ll wake with coffee in the morning, but she prefers two lumps of sugar and tea. outside, the day is up and calling, but I don’t have to please go back to sleep....

seven. kiss me.

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my heart’s against your chest, your lips pressed to my neck, i’m falling for your eyes but they don’t know me yet.

eight. new york.

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if i kiss you darling, please don't be alarmed. it's just the start of everything if you want. a new love in new york

nine. fall

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you and i, learning to speak, with kisses on cheek. i will fall for you, and i will fall for you. if I fall for you, would you fall too?

the end.

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