I've realized i haven't uploaded any new article, and that i haven't even been in the mood for writing anything at all. And it sucks.

It's just that right now i'm at this place where i've been thinking about too many stuff and therefore feeling too many things...

Now here's the thing... For one side i feel it is a good thing, you know? Like, clearing stuff out, setting new things, understanding better some other things. But... in the other side i feel just like a mess.

Temporarily removed

You know how overthinking can lead you to anxiety and sadness, and confusion, etc. well, that is happening to me quite often and i don't know what to do to anymore to make it stop.

Temporarily removed

This feeling of loneliness it's getting pretty upsetting.

I just feel like a stormy ocean.

sea, ocean, and waves image

Im sorry if you waste your time reading this. Just me needing to get some things off my chest xx.

🌸 If you have something to say, any advice, please, be my guest ♡ 🌸

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p.s.: Would i get an award for putting the word "thing/s" 16 times in this article?? lol

Oh, and i will most likely delete this tomorrow bc i dont really like depressing vibes.


Have a lovely day. x


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