Hi, I'm Paris, and I'm 17 years old. My parents say that I have the best name of the two worlds, since apparently that's the name of the city where they met.

I usually tell stories since I was little how was the planet Earth, and describe it as a bondage, but also wonderful, a paradise. They are about 130 years old, and they are still in the prime of life, they even look like my age.

This planet is majestic, and wonderful, the atmosphere smells of flowers, water and earth, something wonderful. The houses are comfortable, with everything you need, and more. And great people, is kind and loyal, no one is superior or inferior to anyone. But, there is only one drawback ...

The genres are separated, the men are in another country, we can not have a relationship between genders, since they say that we waste time worrying about appreciation to another gender. The only man I have known in all my life has been my father. Only the parents of ancient terrestrial families can be with the women, but, my brother, his son, they stripped him of his arms immediately after being born, since we live in the country of the women.

My mother always says that we have the same eyes, black and big. My father meets with him every week, and he sends us pictures of him. My mother can not approach because she is a woman. Of course, an authentic injustice and dictatorship. My friend and I always tend to speculate what a boy of our age would be like, creating hopes that one day we would meet someone and fall in love, even if the rules prevent us from doing so.

My friend, the only one I've met is called Katherine, also called by me, Kate. It's in front of me sunbathing blatantly, enjoying educational freedom.

-Now what are we going to do with our lives? - He asked me while changing position in the deckchair and adjusting his sunglasses.

-I do not know.

-And if we do what we had planned, that is to escape, disguised as men, to enter the country.

-It's very striking, do not you think? We are no longer girls with easy transfer, they would say what two men did on the opposite side.

-Yeah, too.

-But you could pass for your father, and I for mine.

I stood up like a mummy on the lounger, and I watched her turn my head towards her alone. I lowered my glasses and stared at her.

-I'm so satisfied with you.

-I know that too.

-Paris! My mother yelled, calling from inside the house.

-I'm going mom. It will be for dinner, are you coming?

-Yes I'm hungry.

We went in and my mother was with a pizza cutter, cutting it and putting it on plates. I was angry, barely looked her in the eye in case I was going to scream, after all it was difficult with this woman. The whistle of the oven sounded, warning that it was over. My father came up and after taking it out, I clicked the wheel again, and I selected cheese, pepper and bacon, with fine dough, and the small laser began to form the pizza inside it like a photograph.

-Papa, let's go to my room, they're about to close.

-Vale daughter.

They were going to close the sky, so that the sunlight would give the other country, and the stars would shine. My father opened when I was a child, the roof, so that at night I could see the stars while I slept, since I was on top of my bed.

We closed the door and began to speculate, while we listened to music in the background. It was a record from Earth, which my father had brought, apparently from the music of his time.

-And how will we do it? My father is very difficult to cheat. And he told me that you have a face scanner to identify you.

-I know that my father told me when he goes to see my brother.

I pulled with all my strength the weight of my body on the bed, revotando and being awaited between the savannah. Kate had finished her portion, and got up to leave after putting on the clothes she was wearing, which she left on my robotic rack.

- Tomorrow we will see each other, we have to pick up the diploma.

-Yes. See you tomorrow.

-I will have it.

She ran down the stairs, and outside, she was waiting for them in the capsule, her father, because if he did not go with her at that time they would arrest her for a whole day, even if she was of age.

I went back to bed and with the blankets wrapped around me and giving me warmth to the programmed degrees, I hit the button on the pillow and opened the compartment on the screen to watch the movie that was put by the Conda -president, president of the generalized country-. At the same time I hit the roof compartment button, to see the starry sky. They shone normally, but with less force. As I looked, I remembered what Kate had told me, a great and hypothetical idea. I threw back my head and began to fall asleep without paying attention to the filming.


The bed began to erect me, at the desired time. I went to the bathroom and in the mirror I marked a new call, Kate's. I hit the button on the mirror and answered by video call.

-Hello -. He told me with a presentable face.

-How dare you call me now? With this face, I just got up.

-Quiet, it was to tell you yes. See you later.

He did not give more information, and he hung up quickly, since all the information we gave would go to the Conda. It was impressive to me that we were taking this decision so seriously, which could lead to our death.

I washed, and while I finished my routine I read some fragments that were convenient for us to travel, with greater ease. But I did not find anything, so I only had to ask my father, with discretion. I went down to the dining room and when I sat down it appeared what I wanted so much, omelette with cheese and hot chocolate.

-Papa, why are women prohibited from moving to the other side?

-In the beginning, that decision was made because women were a perdition in love, and men were too cruel with it.

-And you?

-Me what?

-What if you're cruel in it.

- Believe me no, I've been with your mother for a hundred years, and it was the first.

"And dad ..." I looked at him with tenderness, so that the answer was lighter.

- Tell me daughter.

-Papa, if I wanted to go to the other side, in order to meet a man, and thus be able to create a family like you and mom.

- Oh daughter, believe me that it is not so easy, and even worse if you get to have a child, they strip you of your side.

-But it could change, right?

- I want with all my strength.

I finished and the plate came around with a flap on the table. I got up and went outside, directly to my car, to go for the diploma.

The studies were done at home, by video call with a teacher of their own, and the exams were very watched, and difficult to copy. But it was easily removed.

The streets were impeccable, without a single damage, and perfect. The driving was adequate and with finesse. But full of cameras, and giant screens. The information flap was unfolded, and it was shown to the blonde from behind, the Conda.

-Women, we inform that they should stay in their respective houses, and keep calm, we are in a direct invasion. Men have entered within our borders, taking everything in the middle. I repeat them again, keep calm, and peace in your homes. The Conda militancy will patrol streets, urbanizations, public places, any zone, but keep the peace.

The cars stopped, and when they tried to get them back on track, they stopped again. I got out of the car without knowing what to do, but luckily I was close to home. I ran away my shoes, carrying them in my hands. He had no reason to run, but it was pure intuition, since the others did.

Upon entering, I closed the doors, placing my fingerprint on the plate next to the door. I ran to my father, who hugged me and pulled me away with them, to face me.

"You do not have to be scared, everything is going better than ever, believe me.

-Papa, what have you done? - He was involved in the revolutionary theme.

-Go to the living room with your mother, now I'm back.

-Dad -. I called him, watching him walk out the door loaded with a gun. Be careful.

-I will have it.

And behind that door came the man, the best man he had ever met. I sighed, thinking as I went to the living room, where my mother was with someone else, with her back turned.

-Mom! -I moved hard to that person, but he defended himself and pushed me away more brutally, leaving me on the floor.

-Daughter, calm.

-A man! - I had seen the figure, but when I reached his face I recognized him immediately, without ever having seen him.

-Paris -. He helped me get up off the ground.


I embraced him spontaneously, without knowing why.

-Paris, you do not have much time, you must leave.

-Where? -I said looking at both.

-Paris, -he finished putting on a vest, he stared at me-, you should stay here at home, we'll be back dad and me. But you can not get out of here, or they'll kill you.

-But why?

-They are shooting everyone who comes outside.

And he left without saying more, through the door, leaving me with the word in his mouth. I went up to my room, leaving aside what my mother was telling me, which I did not pay attention to. Upon arriving, I closed with my fingerprint all the openings of the room, leaving everything in darkness, and well sheltered. I marked Kate's box in the mirror in front of my dressing room, and I called her.

-Kate -. I saw her running agitated, looking everywhere. The call had answered from his watch.

-Paris, now I can not talk, I'm with my brother, we have to flee from here.

-Where are you?

-Outside your urbanization, facing the alley.

-I'm going there, please wait for me.

-We will wait for you here.

I let it hang, and I took off my shirt, for a thermal T-shirt, full of tiny heaters connected by cables, and a sweatshirt on top, then I ran to put on some sports shoes. Finally I took a backpack, with all the essentials, and went through the opening, which I forgot to close.