Well hello there.

Quick question: when the clock turned from 23:59 pm to 12:00 am, and 2017 officially turned into 2018, did you also think it would be different? Did you smiled, looked up, and said: "this is it. This is finally gonna be my year", but then... you fell into the same old habits?
I did.
I said I was gonna leave all the 2015/2016/2017's garbage behind and I was going to be a different person. But nothing changed. Maybe small little things, but then I went back to the same old teenage girl who procrastinates, who doesn't work out, who eats so unhealthy she feels cells dying inside (I might be a little dramatic but you'll catch up). I wanted to change and be better, I really did. But I failed.

But then I remembered Ser Davos from Game of Thrones, telling Jon: "Good. Now go and fail again". Jon is now King Jon Snow, so I figured I could try too.

(Sorry for the spoiler btw)

I want to be a different person: more mature, successful, happier... healthier. I want to take on new habits and quit the ones I know are no good for me. I want to do better, be better.

Those, of course, are just words. I have to work in order to make it happen. So I made a plan, and last week I put it into action. I made a commitment to myself: in a 12 weeks period, I will have accomplished some of my goals. Not all of them, that's gonna take some time. But some of them, specifically:

Turn working out into a habit

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Since I'm 12 (and I'm 17 btw), I've been doing this thing when sometimes I'm super motivated and workout for one-week straight, and then I quit and don't move a muscle for the next three months. The periods of time varies but the patron is the same: all in for a week or two, and then nothing.
I want to be consistent in working out. Not only to look hot and be confident but for health reasons (I'm overweight).
So I joined a gym, I went three times this week, I worked out (and I still feel it), and I'm feeling good.

During the next three weeks, I will go at least 3 days each week. I'll be doing at least 20 minutes of cardio in each session apart from the exercises, and I'll be telling about my progress.
When I get to the 12th week I should be able to tell you that I lost some weight and feel more confident.

Eat healthier

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Of course, working out will not make me lose weight if then I eat sh¡t, so I want to learn to eat healthier. Each week I'll try to eat less:
- Regular white bread.
- Sweets.
- Junk food.

And eat more:
- Oatmeal.
- Veggies.
- Fruits.


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Since puberty, my face has been a mess of acne. There are weeks or months when I get better, but acne always finds its way back. My skincare routine consists of washing my face with a face soap from Cien and then apply a moisturizing face cream.
Pretty basic and obviously doesn't work that well.

So I'm going to go to a dermatologist, I'm going to buy some good products, I'm going to be consistent on my skincare routine, and I'm going to post just 3 articles about this:
- How my skin is right now plus what my dermatologist told me.
- 6 weeks later where I tell you how is been working out for me my new routine, and if there has been any progress or changes.
- 12th-week results where I show my finals results, a summary of the whole process, and personal recommendations.

So, that's it. That's my project.

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My mantra for this whole project will be "patience".

Results won't come overnight, so I have to learn to be consistent and patient. I'll be posting every Monday for the next 12 weeks.

I hope this inspired you to start your own project or to keep working on the one you had. I'd love to read about your project and progressions, so if you want a supporter here you have it.

With all my love and support,
Aria. XX.