I'm going to do an article for each continet with the places I want to visit.
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These are the places I want to visit in Central and South America. Enjoy! ✧

  • Central America

⊱ Belize: Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Caracol, Xunantunich, San Ignacio

america, Belize, and nature image Belize, history, and maya image Belize, history, and maya image Belize, city, and outdoor image

⊱ Costa Rica: San José, Ujarrás, Poás Volcano National Park, Alajuela

church, costa rica, and san jose image costa rica, history, and places image Temporarily removed city, color, and costa rica image

⊱ El Salvador: San Salvador, Tazumal

Temporarily removed el salvador, history, and places image

⊱ Guatemala: Antigua Guatemala , Tikal, Chichicastenango, San Andrés Xecul

beauty, guatemala, and magical places image history, places, and ruins image church, color, and guatemala image church, color, and guatemala image

⊱ Honduras: La Ceiba, Copán ruins

architecture, blue, and city image history, places, and ruins image

⊱ Nicaragua: Granada, Somoto Canyon National Monument

Granada, Nicaragua, and place image nature, Nicaragua, and places image

⊱ Panamá: Panamá Viejo, La Chorrera

classic, old fashioned, and panama image belleza, mundo, and peru image
  • South America

⊱ Argentina: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls

argentina, buenos aires, and la boca image brazil, Iguazu Falls, and nature image

⊱ Bolivia: Sucre, La Paz

Bolivia, city, and places image Bolivia, photography, and la paz image

⊱ Brazil: Amazon rainforest, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Fernando de Noronha

Temporarily removed brazil, rio, and rio de janeiro image aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image fernando de noronha image

⊱ Chile: Santiago de Chile, Valparaíso, Rapa Nui National Park, San Pedro de Atacama

boy, chile, and girl image art, beautiful, and chile image chile, easter island, and rapa nui image atacama, chile, and city image

⊱ Colombia: Bogotá, Las Lajas Sanctuary, Ciudad Perdida, San Agustín Archaeological Park

bogota, colombia, and centro image Temporarily removed beutiful, city, and colombia image colombia, history, and nature image

⊱ Ecuador: Quito, Ingapirca

Temporarily removed ecuador, history, and places image

⊱ Paraguay: Asunción, Concepción

Temporarily removed architecture, city, and paraguay image

⊱ Peru: Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountains, Trujillo, Cuzco

aesthetic, dark, and day image colorful, peru, and rainbow mountains image city, feeling, and liberty statue image peru and cuzco image

⊱ Suriname: Paramaribo, Palmentuin

city, places, and travel image jungle, palmtree, and palmtrees image

⊱ Uruguay: Montevideo, Casapueblo

america, cities, and city image Temporarily removed

⊱ Venezuela: Caracas, Los Médanos de Coro, Canaima National Park, Choroní

Temporarily removed venezuela and place image mist, trees, and venezuela image amazing, venezuela, and choroni image

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