So today i'm gonna start with this challenge. I know that everyone did it so far but i don't care.
And the first thing i'm gonna write about is...

"Weird things you do when you´re alone"

No one knows who i am in this plataform so i can be completely honest with you guys. And I'm not even going to try to look crazy, or interesting, which I do not think will happen, this is 100% real.

Here it comes...

I imagine that I am being interviewed by ellen pretending to be a novice actress who has just started her career and who became famous after a movie that she starred with, obviously, some random super hot actor.
background, ellen degeneres, and feminist image
And if you thought that was weird ... listen to this ... I do not even live in the United States, I'm from Latin America, South America, Argentina. And I do not even want to be an actress in the future, I just like to talk to myself, and much more if it's in English.

btw that "super hot actor" usually is Armie Hammer.

Image removed

OK, so...see ya tomorrow with more information of me that you didn't even want to know.

:) <3