— it's such a beautiful colour, don't you think so?

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Many people tend to think that Blue is such a dull and sad colour. It's true that Blue is described as something, sad, depressed, melancholy.

However, that's not always the case, Blue can be a really bright, beautiful and calming colour.

Here are some beautiful combinations :

  • Blue & Grey
Image by The Girl beach, blue, and coconut image blue, boat, and theme image Temporarily removed
  • Blue & Orange
90's, aesthetic, and blue image aesthetic, blue, and orange image Image by xxnnxxnxxnx orange, blue, and theme image
  • Blue & Purple
Temporarily removed rose, flowers, and purple image purple, flowers, and blue image crystal, wallpaper, and pink image
my favourite combination
  • Blue & Gold
Image by xxnnxxnxxnx Image by xxnnxxnxxnx Image by xxnnxxnxxnx Image by xxnnxxnxxnx
  • Blue & Pink
pink, blue, and candy image girl, pink, and boy image Image by xxnnxxnxxnx pink, background, and blue image
  • Blue & Red
hand, blue, and red image Image by xxnnxxnxxnx red, rose, and flowers image Image by xxnnxxnxxnx
  • Blue & Yellow
yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image Image by xxnnxxnxxnx flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image beautiful, blue, and DNA image

and my favourite types of blue :

  • Navy
Image by xxnnxxnxxnx blue and aesthetic image Temporarily removed blue, navy, and quality image
  • Pastel
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed summer, sky, and palm trees image Temporarily removed
  • Neon / Grunge
Temporarily removed Image removed blue image Temporarily removed
my own collection

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