Do not romanticize any kind of problem! whether it's in a relationship or a psychological problem, it's not cool fucking.
You see how abusive a relationship can dominate your feelings
when you can get out of it, but it's been four years and he has not left you yet, inside you.
Do not make other people who are passing by think it is something good, or romantic, or that is normal, is no one owns anybody, only you can own you.
People are creating texts and poems talking about this subject as if it were right, not my candy, it would be you to find someone who would love you and respect you, respect your opinions and choices, otherwise do not stick to something that You know it will not last more than two years. Do not accept the crumbs of anyone, and if he says that is his way of demonstrating, no, it is not, we know when one person demonstrates to love the other, without complications, without fear, do not confuse more love and dependence.
And remember, too much love also hurts.

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❤ always the other chance, another friendship, another love. For every end a restart ❤

victoria lays ❤