I have just finished the last season of my favorite show. It is all about dance, friendship, relationships and having fun, but also making your dreams come true and growing up. After three seasons of this show (even if I watched it only about a month) I feel like a lot of things changed. I am aware of some things that the show taught me - we have to change, that is how the world functions.

Have you ever felt like your old friends left and you found a new ones? Or you got into the new school and left behind the school you've known for your whole life? Or maybe just had to let go something that you loved and you couldn't live without?
Because that is how I feel sometimes.

The thing is, I sometimes don't know if those changes are good or bad. And is the world only black and white?
Finding the new place you'll call home is actually fresh, but having to forget the old one...isn't it somehow hard? And knowing that your life can't stay the same and that you aren't able to stop it is just sad. Knowing that you must change is both inspiring and scary because in that case you are becoming someone else.

That's why it is sometimes difficult to realize who you are truly - if you don't, changes are going to beat you. We all have to improve ourselves, even if we are most of time confused. For sure, the safest place is past, where everyone wants to go back and stay.
But also there is one way to survive - we must accept those changes whatever they're like and stand in front of them...