this month marks the 40th anniversary of my all time favorite movie...GREASE!!!
so obviously i have to write about it. last night i went to a showing of it at one of the local movie theaters in town. watching it on the big screen was amazing! it made me love the movie even more. now that it's fresh in my head, i'd like to share some of the reasons why Grease is number one in my heart....

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freakin' Danny Zuko.

not to be confused with john travolta, who did amazing bringing this character to life. but Danny first crush. look at that smile, how could you not swoon.

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the love story.

even though they really weren't in high school, they really made you understand the heartbreak and love of a high
school relationship.

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the whole movie is about sex.

it might seem like a wholesome family movie, but if you really pay attention all the characters are worried about is sex and dating. which i get is kind of what high school is like. but i love it none the less.

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the music.

just try not to sing and dance along. i dare you!

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and's just cool.

it's a great movie with something in it for everyone. every guy wants to be a t-bird and every girl wants to be a pink lady.

let me hear your thoughts about Grease. what's your favorite song, favorite character, favorite relationship and favorite car...