If you could just get out of your head for a moment and realize that life turns into photographs at the end and all you have left of your 'friends' are their smiling faces on a screen.
I found a flash drive with old pictures from when i was in high school and all i'm thinking is 'i wish i could go back'. My so called problems at that time, i'd gladly take them back now for the sake of everything else i had. The most ordinary days i found boring, look like so much fun in the pictures. I thought i was doing nothing, but now i'm thinking 'whoa, i did all that?'.
Back then i never thought i'd be missing any of it, but now..I've come to realize that no matter what period of life we're in, we're always gonna want to go back, because life is just prettier in pictures and any time is better than the one we're currently in. Do you realize how sad that is? We always want to fast forward a year, but when a year actually goes by, we realize that nothing's really that different. Do you see how much time we already wasted chasing life and just existing while waiting for the 'better times'? Well let me tell you, that time will never come. Because it already happened while we had our heads stuck in all the wrong corners, looking for god knows what. And it's happening right now, as you're reading this. Time is relative and also very irrelevant, if you ask me. Time doesn't change things, you do. When will we realize that the only thing we have for certain are our little selves?

The world isn't all black or all white, pretty or ugly, it's only a picture you see through your eyes. Life doesn't suck and days can't simply be bad, all of it is a reflection of your feelings. Do you understand now how many things actually come from you and can be gone if you decide so? And please quit looking away and muttering how 'it's not important', because if it's important to you, then it's pretty damn important. Your mind and your self-consciousness are a filter for every possible thing there is. Now do you get how much attention, care and improvement you deserve?
There's nothing out there you could possibly be sorry for not being a part of, there's not a single life that deserves your envy because it's somehow better than yours. Because wouldn't that be a pity? Forever liking something that will never be you, simply because you're not meant to be anybody's copy? And never finding out all that you could've been. So instead of trying to be a part of someone else's version of the world, firstly rethink are you enough of a part of yourself?
Because, darling, everything begins and ends with you