something that i always think "what if?" about....

* what if i just picked up my entire life and moved? completely started over in a different place, what would happen?*

i actually think about this a lot, i have lived in south florida my entire life. there are so many wonderful places to live, i worry that i am missing out on life experiences. but on the other hand, i have a stable life here. and picking up and moving somewhere foreign without a job or anything would be a bit terrifying. could i do it? probably. so what's holding me back?
where would i choose? here's some places i've thought about:

Image by Marina Lieberman( König-Nebel)
new york. i have family there and i've spent a lot of time there. so it's not totally new to me, but new york is a hard city and i think i'm more in love with the idea of it.
city, seattle, and usa image
seattle. this has always seemed like the perfect place for me. birth place of some amazing music, coffee, and cloudy days. maybe one day...
yoga and colorado image
colorado. this is another place that could be perfect. it has so much to offer and it's just absolutely beautiful.
paris, audrey hepburn, and sabrina image
paris. this is really more of a romantic notion than anything. but holy crap, wouldn't is be amazing to live in the city of love. of course i dream about it!

so why not turn my "what if?" into a reality...i honestly don't know. maybe i can take baby steps and visit these places first. put that on my bucket list.
if you could move anywhere in the world and have nothing holding you back where would you move? let me here your thoughts...