If I were

An activity:

book, escape, and read image

An animal:

Temporarily removed

A city:

america, san fransisco, and travel image
San Fransisco

A colour:

blue, header, and kpop image

A country:

city, toronto, and lights image

A day:

daily, day, and film image

A Disney Character:

ariel and disney image

A drink:

drink, orange, and food image
Ice Tea

An element:

rose, fire, and aesthetic image

A feeling:

Temporarily removed

A fictionnal charactere:

Image by K0lett
Idk if we can count Marcel as a fictionnal charactere but Marcel Styles is definitely the BEST!

A flower:

flowers, red, and rose image
Roses: sweet but Dangerous

A fruit:

fruit, berries, and food image

A Holiday

beautiful, boo, and ghost image
Halloween of course!

A month:

autumn, october, and fall image
October because I love Halloween and autumn

A music genre:

music, quotes, and life image
Probably pop rock or idk Something sweet with nice lyrics and good guitars

An object:

quotes, art, and van gogh image
I'd be a book or a notebook

A pair of shoes:

shoes, fashion, and black image
Heels or boots

A quote:

Temporarily removed

A season:

autumn, fall, and leaves image

A song:

one direction, where do broken hearts go, and Lyrics image gif, grown, and get weird image 5sos, san francisco, and sounds good feels good image quotes, romeo, and Taylor Swift image
I can't choose. So Where Do Broken Hearts Go by 1D; Grown by LM; San Francisco by 5SOS and Love Story by Taylor Swift

A subject:

Temporarily removed

A weather:

lightning, night, and nature image
Rain and storm

And that's it! Do this challenge it's very funny.