Hi guys! Today I do an article where I explain the reasons why you should write a diary. I hope you like it.

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Actually writing your feelings must be one of the best ways of expression, the reasons for making you make the decision to start writing everything that goes through your head.

Your sorrows will be more bearable

Remove what you carry inside you is the first step to be able to heal. But not always the words flow either, or we have someone who really wants to listen. Your diary will be there whenever you need it. Write will serve as catharsis, you realize things that perhaps you have not noticed. You can reread and thus seeing things from a different perspective when you're calmer.

You will always have someone to vent you

You can always have available and write what comes to mind, without preoquparvi that is not the time, the appropriate place the hour, the week suitable, and no matter if you are or you are not at home, he will be there debasis.

You don't have to lie

When we talk to friends or other people, we try to make them look pretty or hide details that can be unpleasant. But with your diary, there's no need to. You can write absolutely everything and whatever you want. You won't be able to lie to him because he will accept you as you are.

Will solve your problems in a better way

When we´re angry, sad, disappointed and even depressed we tend to make bad decisions because we don´t see the full picture. Writing what happens to you will give you the opportunity to analyze in depth the events of your life and thus make a better decision.

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Your brain will exercise

With all the technology that we have on hand every day, our brain is becoming more and more lazy, we lose creativity and concentration. Writing and reading will keep your mind active.

You wont forget details of special moments

The memories we have of our life are like flashes, we have a vague idea but without too many details. Print them on paper will allow you in a few years to re-read those adventures and misadventures with all the details, without ever losing them. It's like living again.

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You will know you much better

You will realize that you are a better writer than you thought, you'll experience more deeply your emotions and feelings. You will learn to better organize your ideas and that will help you to know who you are. Once you start, you won't be able to do without him.

Exercise those fingers

Sure that already the only fingers you use are thumbs to write texts on the cell phone. Don't let your hand lose strength and mobility. Writing will help you keep them in better shape. Making them work does not lose the dexterity that you had before using the technolog.

You will have your secrets well kept

Even if you have a friend in which you trust 100%, you cannot put your hands on the fire and say that will never reveal anything you have told or that someday will not come to blackmail you with it. Your diary can't do that, your secrets will be well kept by him.

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What is a diary for me

For me a diary can be a personal haven where you write anything you want and do whatever you go through your mind. Never forget that it can help you at any time of need, take and start writing.

I hope it inspired you.

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