i could have you up in arms
and i could have you singing
im a confident speaker
i could tell you anything

i was standing on the table
lived by the light near the window
i could see them walking past
they were laughing, no one we know

they caught me by the ankles and they
shook me off
my brain is fuzzy
im a sugar coated pill and im a pick-me-up
and put me down again
they hollowed me out, wore me like a glove
i shook so many hands i've been dreaming of

you can use my rib cage as a pillow
it doesn't soothe me
i feel flimsy when i grin
like a stretched-out piece of skin

you can beat the dust straight out of me
i won't come clean in the end
i really like the yellow round on the edges
of my bruises as they mend


I think of the past as if it were a landfil of regret. It doesn't suit me. If only the things I write could reach them all. And burn absent minds, cage the clocks, feel as if it was okay to excrete the emotions.
I am in love with the scientific paradox that coats the universe.

This poem is made of the song Sugar Pill by The Japanese House.

"Have a wonderful day."