Hello, lovely people of the WHI community! I have finally decided to join the other amazingly talented heartists writing articles and I'm kicking it off with a Get to know me article. Now, without further ado, I present to you:

Facts about me:

  • My real name is not Saskia Lorrain, which is sad because I love it.
  • I am an aspiring writer, hence the pen name.
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I write on Wattpad, but I haven't published anything yet.
  • I am bilingual and English is my second language. (Sarcasm is the first.)
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Happens all the time
  • My free time is divided between reading and writing on Wattpad and hearting on WHI. (I guess I can add to that list "writing articles" from now on)
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I love them both.
  • I'm short.
  • I don't have a favorite color because why pick one when you can have all?
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I don't discriminate.
  • I'm obsessed with werewolves and anything paranormal. (I have Shane and his conspiracies to blame.)
  • I love me a good thriller or horror movie.
  • TV shows are a gift to the human world.
  • I'm weird.
  • Feminist should be my middle name.
  • Dogs, dogs and more dogs. (especially if they're puppies)
  • People think I'm a nerd but I hate school.
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I study just to get into a good uni and have a solid chance to do what I love.
  • I'm awkward and I have a resting bitch face which just doesn't help my introverted self at all. (that was more than a fact...)
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  • If you couldn't tell, I don't have many friends.
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But, hey, if you want an internet friend, don't hesitate to hit that Message me button!
  • My Friday nights are spent wrapped in a blanket with coffee in my hand, writing and plotting the book I'm working on.
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  • Caffeine is really important to my writing process.
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  • I have acne so chocolate is a big NO for me. (sadly, I'm not kidding. Chocolate gets my hormones going which results in more acne. Ah, the teenage years!)
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  • One of my hobbies is learning the lyrics to every song that I like. (I think I know the lyrics to about...300 songs. I'm not sure, though. I lost count at around 223 songs.)
  • I love to dance even though I'm not that good.
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  • I'm a gemini.
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  • My laptop is my life.
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  • My birthday is on the 23rd, hence the 23 facts about me. (I told you I'm weird.)
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Well, that is all people! A BIG THANK YOU TO WHOMEVER MADE IT 'TILL THE END! You rock man!

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See you on my next article!🖤