Hey there lovely!
Today I am here with some exam preparing techniques, so you can slay your exams like a boss.

I am currently in my exam period and these are the techniques I use to prevent myself from stressing out.

1. Oversight

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Make sure you have a clear vision on when your exams are and what you have to study. Make sure you write everything down in concrete tasks so you can cross them off when you're done. This way you know exactly what to do and you won't be stuck knowing you have to study but not knowing where to begin.

2. Flashcards

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I love flashcards. You can just work trough them and memorise them. These can take a long time to make but put on some tunes and while writing you're also memorising.

3. Youtube

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There are so many youtube videos about your classes. Just type in the subject you want some extra explaining for and look at what pops up. This will be easier when you're in highschool than in college.

4. Studygroup

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It can be really nice to study in groups. But make sure that the people you want to study with are actually motivated to study. Otherwise they'll just distract you. If you can't find nice people to study with, there are a lot of online chats where you can study with people and ask questions.

5. Articles

Here on we heart it, are so many articles on techniques for studying. Read them and get inspired.

6. Reading

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Keep up with your reading. Read before every class so you understand what the teacher is talking about. And if you read everything before the lectures you won't be reading new things when you're studying for the exam. Also make notes while reading. It can be questions to ask your teacher or things you think are important. By writing things down you'll remember the information better.

7. Confidence

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And last but not least, confidence. Honey trust yourself. If you did your best prepping and making your exam, it'll be okay. Just do your best and everything will fall into place.

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So this concludes my techniques for exam prepping, I hope it helped you out a little.

Take a breath, everything will be okay.

Love and inspiration

- Nicky