Hey everyone I’m back! I had so many beautiful responses from my last article on long distance relationships so I thought I would give another article a go. This one I think will be a little bit more personal and may hit more peoples strings than the last one. I feel like this is a risky post but I think it is time I share my story and maybe offer some guidance.

Last year was a rough year, I was failing school, my Grandad passed away and I had no friends. The year started off well my two best friends were still my best friends, I had just spent seven weeks in Germany and I was somewhat fit and healthy. At the age of sixteen I wanted to explore the whole sex thing. I had agreed to do it with a guy who had been asking me for a year to do it. When the time came I couldn't do it but that wasn't what went around school. The day after it happened I was at my locker unpacking my bag when two girls came up to me and slammed it shut. They told me how much of a slut I was which was pretty rich coming from them. I am a very strong person when it comes to name calling because I just don’t care but the rumours grew are were passed around more than just my own school. I told the guy to tell everyone nothing actually happened but he took that opportunity to tell everyone how “good he was”. I had his mates message me telling me what a dumb bitch I was and that I should have known better. By this point I couldn't take it anymore so I turned to my two best friends to ask for help but they too believed that I was a slut and that I deserved what I was getting. They told me they didn't want to be friends with a sleaze bag like me and they never spoke to me again.

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I use to cry every night and hope that I wouldn't wake up each morning. I would dread going to school because everyone would stare. School just sucked and nothing felt right again. I was never a sad girl I always saw the good in every situation but at this time I saw nothing.

I saw no help in the counsellors and so the only way to find temporary happiness was in the arms of another stranger. I decided I would fulfil the name I was given. I slept with any and every guy that asked, boys took advantage of me to a point where I got locked in a car and almost raped. It was at this point I saw that I had no self worth and that I wasn't capable of finding a real man who loves me.

No one should ever have to feel this way and I write this article extending my hand to help. Coming out the other side of depression has made me only want to help out others more. I now understand when in that dark point in your life it s hard but things to get better and things will work out. I hate to see people upset because I look at my life now and I couldn't ask for a better one. I have an amazing family that support me, a handful of close friends and a lot of self love. I believe that when you learn to love yourself it’s the time that you finally stop caring about what other people say. If you lose friends because they don't like the way you are then move on because they are the people that are going to drag you down and not lift you up.

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To anyone that reads this I want to firstly thank you for reading and secondly know that if you are feeling like this you are not alone. You are all beautiful the way you are and you don't need a boy to tell you that. Believe in yourself lovely ladies ❤️