Hi I'm Lela and my whole life has been changed I was a active cheerleader a normal kid who got to see her friends and I got to go to school which I hated at the time but now would do anything to go back to.
I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and RND in 8th grade and at first it wasn't a big deal just a little more sensitive to pain and really tired. But my second year of high school that changed all of sudden I could not get out of bed I was in so much pain I was missing too much school I wasn't going to get any credits so I had to do school at home they tried all sorts of meds and home remedies trust me. I have excepted that things are going to revolve around this but the worst part of having chronic pain is no one understands because you look fine on the outside and you can put a smile on your face even know standing in that moment hurts more then broken bones. Why smile? Because I never want to make a moment about me and take the attention off why we are together. The worst is when people say i wish there was some way to"fix you" I'm not a broken toy I haven't given up and honestly I think I'm taking all of this pretty bad ass. I've broken my arm and i would take that everyday over the pain I have now and I still get out of bed. But I worry about my quality of life when I get older if its gotten this bad in 2 years and the blogs I read about other people who have the same problems are so depressing its basically like " life is really fucking shit and it doesn't get better and no one understands me" and over here like dammmmnnn dude better go off my self now lol. I think the worst thing is how it effects my relationships I never know if its going to be a great day or if Jesus is going to be like hahaha you thought bitch so its hard to make plans and actually keep them and that sucks because I love everyone in my life so much! But you know my doctor recently told me lol we might of misdiagnosis you it might be a brain tumor. So we will see how that goes but personally I think I'm good
anyway thanks for reading this rant it was fun y'all
God Speed -Lela