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Today I'll be doing the this or that challenge that was created by my amazing friend Kaya. You can find her original article and WHI account here.

I was also tagged by my lovely friends Kara and Thess to join this challenge. You can find their articles and WHI accounts here.

Now, lets get started! I'm warning you in advance, I'm going to be so bad at this challenge because I mostly like both lol.

1 | europe or america

I've always wanted to visit America, but I live and have already visited a lot in Europe, so my preference goes out to Europe.

2 | coffee or tea

I used to hate both of them, but then I started drinking tea and latte macchiato and I learned to appreciate the tastes. Now, I'm also into ice coffee with caramel, so I'll go with coffee.

3 | cats or dogs

Even though I have two cats at home, I choose dogs.

4 | books or movies

My sister would slap me for this lol, but I'm choosing movies anyway.

5 | bath or shower

I love taking a bath at times, but I prefer showering.

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6 | caramel or chocolate

I love both, but I have an endless love for chocolate.

7 | jeans or skirt

Jeans are the best.

8 | high heels or sneakers

I never wear high heels, so I definitely pick sneakers.

9 | pretty little liars or gossip girl

I was addicted to watching Gossip Girl so I just have to choose that one.

10 | homesick or adventurous

Even though I like being at home a lot, I'm way too adventurous. I just want to explore the world, really.

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11 | ice cream or sweets

Ice cream is way better than sweets.

12 | banana or coconut

I don't really like the taste of coconut, so I'll go with banana.

13 | pizza or hamburger

This question is trying to kill me, really. How am I supposed to choose between these two?

14 | strawberry or apple

I like both, but I'll go with strawberry.

15 | denim or leather

Denim is just amazing.

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Thank you for reading! Love, Paulien.

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