You've perfected the fake smile,
To hide the truth
You turn and laugh
And make it seem that you're having a
blast in your youth.

But deep, deep down
In which you wouldn't show,
Is your true self,
Afraid you'd be judged for your type of

You say its okay
As long as people dont see YOU
You won't be judged,
You wont feel hurt

But no. Its not okay.
Its not okay that you allow yourself to be
an exception.
It not okay that you're an element
of deception.

No its not okay.
Its not okay you fake a smile
Where every muscle in your jaw
Is strained for stretching a mile.

No its not okay.
Its not okay you say you're okay
When deep deon you feel the sinking of your heart,
To the black void tearing you apart.

No this is not okay.

It will never be ok
Unless you work up the courage
and talk the truth.

- km